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Going Beyond the “Who” to Analyze Stakeholders

analyze stakeholders post

Maybe it’s just me, but I frequently find that the most challenging aspect of a project is the people. We refer to the people involved in a project as “stakeholders”. Just knowing who your stakeholders are isn’t enough. We need to analyze stakeholders and develop a thorough understanding of them in order to work effectively […]

Measuring Agility: It’s Not The Same

measuring agility

Metrics of the Past Have Taught Us A Lesson Many traditional KPIs can instigate and proliferate bad behaviors in software development. In the past, programmers have measured their progress by how many lines of code they’ve written, quality was measured by the number of bugs fixed, and user needs were considered met by checking off […]

Keep Calm and Limit WIP

limit wip

Twas the night of Thanksgiving,And all through the houseAll the dishes were readyThe food was set outAnd while we were eating,Just out of the blue,It hit: the newsletter!!Oh, what do we do?! Our oldest child does a lot of the artwork and graphics for B2T4U, our monthly newsletter. While cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner, they […]

6 Steps to Creating – and Using – a Persona

creating a persona

The first step in developing a customer journey map is knowing your customer.  Sounds basic, right?  It’s easy to forget, though, that there is no such thing as a “generic customer” for most businesses.  Before we can understand how a customer will interact with our product or service, we have to understand *them*.  I recently […]

Requirements Analysis: Have No Fear!

requirements analysis

I have to admit, I hate horror movies.  I’m the person who covers her eyes and waits until the scary parts have passed before I can watch again.  If you’re hosting a Halloween party featuring a “Friday the 13th”movie marathon, don’t bother to invite me.  Not gonna happen.  Nuh-uh, no way, no how. Being a […]

3 Key Elements of Your Requirements Elicitation Plan

requirements elicitation plan

I really love teaching. I guess that’s not surprising, given that I’m (at least) a fourth-generation teacher. This is a clip from the 1920 Wyoming Census. The first entry on this page, Gertrude Shaw, is my great-grandmother.  Widowed at 29 with three children to support, she taught in a one-room schoolhouse in Wyoming. Pretty cool, […]

8 Takeaways from the Ultimate Virtual Facilitation Experiment

virtual facilitation

B2T first offered virtual classes in 2009.  At the time, we were really pioneering the concept of “live virtual” classes.  We initially developed our “live virtual” capability to provide a convenient way for students to attend our public classes without having to travel.  As time passed, we continuously improved our delivery, striving to match the […]

The Case of the Disappearing BA Role

We start most of our classes with introductions. Participants tell the rest of the class a little bit about themselves, their work, and what they hope to learn during their time with us. Most students include their job title as part of the introduction. Over time, we’ve noticed that fewer and fewer participants actually have […]

Beginner’s Guide to Using Kanban

It’s been a year of fresh starts for us here at B2T.  We’ve had the opportunity to assess how we do things and figure out what’s working and what could be improved. This has allowed us to move ahead with some concrete goals and a clear direction. Well-run IT organizations also reflect on their results.  They ask […]

Kanban with B2T Training at BBC

It was great to be back at the Building Business Capability conference last month in Las Vegas!  It’s such a terrific opportunity to interact with the BA community.  I always come away with fresh insights and a renewed sense of purpose after interacting with other speakers and attendees. This year one of our instructors, Scott […]