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Hands-on Consulting Sessions

Struggling with a particular issue? Need some focused help with a specific tool or technique? Our workshops are designed to provide a custom, tangible solution that can be implemented immediately. They provide participants an opportunity to work more in-depth with a B2T expert on their company’s project(s). Workshops can be held for an entire team or multiple teams with a similar focus.

Our workshops apply design thinking, graphic facilitation, and gamification techniques to create a unique learning experience for participants. They take place over the course of 4 hours to 2 days, depending on the topic. Participants should bring their project to work in groups and apply the specific technique and receive coaching by the facilitator. Results and challenges will be discussed as a group to allow all participants the broadest learning opportunities.

Workshop Topics

Business Analysis Workshops

Writing Excellent Requirements

Sharpen communication skills for writing and structuring textual requirements clearly.

Scoping the Project

In-depth practice on defining project scope from the business analysis perspective and review of the components needed to begin the project.

Root Cause Analysis

Dig into problems to discover the root cause and brainstorm possible solutions quickly.

Write Better User Stories

Experience and learn to run a successful story-writing workshop.

Refine User Stories

Identify, write, split, and communicate user stories.

Workflow and Process Improvement

Fix broken processes, eliminate bottle-necks + dropped hand-offs, and streamline your business.

Writing Effective Use Cases

Leverage a use case diagram to show solution scope or groupings of important system functionalities and write more clear, concise user cases.

Business Agility Workshops

Backlog Management Health Check

This workshop is intended for a delivery team that is well underway, and running into difficulty with backlog management.

Prioritize the Backlog

Prioritize your backlog by taking into account business value delivery, technical debt, and dependencies. 

Definition of Ready and Definition of Done

Build definitions of ‘ready’ and ‘done’ so that the team knows what is expected of them and how to better deliver value.

Create a Team Kanban Board

Visual workflow, set work in progress limits, and ‘stop starting + start finishing’ to improve the flow of value.

Create Information Radiators

Be transparent with information and communicate using ‘pull’ instead of ‘push’.

Facilitate Team Decision-Making

Design a decision-making process and leverage knowledge to make better team decisions. 

Experience Design Thinking

Create lasting value for your customers by solving big, hairy, ambiguous problems.

Custom Workshop

• 4 HOURS - 2 DAYS •

Is there a topic you need help with that you didn’t see listed above?
We also offer custom workshops from 4 hours to 2 days, depending on your specific need.

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