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Streamline Your Analysis Efforts

Checklists have been developed in business and across many industries for greater efficiency, consistency and safety. This is especially true for those working in business analysis. As naturally detail-oriented people, business analysts can easily get “in the weeds” and miss something important. Use these business analysis checklists to ensure your work is complete and you haven’t missing anything.

The power of a checklist can also be better understood by reading the Checklist Manifesto. Our business analysis checklists may not save lives, but they may save your project or improve your efficiency.

Agile Business Analyst Checklist

Don’t fall into the mindset that there isn’t a role for business analysis in agile. Someone with strong analytical skills should be doing these critical activities throughout the agile project life cycle.

Business Process Definition Interview Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure that you don’t overlook critical information during your business process definition interviews.

Solution Completeness Checklist

We all know it’s easy to get excited about a solution. Use this checklist as a quick reminder of key factors that should be reviewed before moving ahead.

Ask the Right Questions Checklist

You’ve been handed a project; where do you start? What questions do you ask? Use this list of critical questions to help you get started in your analysis efforts.

Excellent Requirements Checklist

Your unique responsibility as a BA is to write and communicate excellent requirements. Excellent requirements leave no room for interpretation, create or cause for confusion and omit no critical detail. Ensure your requirements are excellent and possess these 10 characteristics.

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