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Project Management Fundamentals

Course Description

Planning and managing projects is an important skill for all IT professionals. Project success is directly dependent on knowing why the project is necessary to the organization and then planning the appropriate work to deliver the right solution. This requires understanding the project objectives from business domain stakeholders and refining these goals into a clear project scope.

Strong communication skills are needed to facilitate scope definition, help business stakeholders clarify their expectations and understand the extent and ramifications of the request and direct the team to execute according to the plan. This course teaches specific steps to developing a clear project scope, a realistic project plan, and managing the project to completion.

Mentor-led workshops allow students to practice the techniques as they learn them. The workshop cases and discussions inspire learning insights for every level of experience. Students are requested to bring their own projects to class to use in developing a scope diagram along with an initial project plan.

Learning Objectives

  • Work with the project team to develop a statement of purpose for the project along with clear, measurable objectives
  • Identify business domain problems, opportunities, risks, all project interfaces and stakeholders
  • Analyze and scope the project to clarify the level and complexity of the effort needed for the project
  • Develop a project plan based on the approved project scope and objectives
  • Develop a communication plan based on an analysis of the stakeholders
  • Build strong relationships with project stakeholders and team members
  • Monitor and control the execution of the project, making adjustments as needed
  • Determine how an analyst is to scale their practices and techniques due to the changing needs of the team

Intended Audience

This course is designed for project managers, business analysts, quality analysts, software developers or anyone who is responsible for planning and managing a project.



Course Details


3 Days

Delivery Mode

Virtual, Face-to-Face

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