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Requirements Validation

Course Description

Requirements validation improves the likelihood of project success, making sure that we are building the right solution and that the solution is usable, desirable, and meets the business needs and desired outcomes. The cost to correct a software defect may be as high as 2,900 times the cost to correct a requirement. This was reconfirmed in a recent study by Forrester Consulting.

The study concluded: “Organizations have boosted application delivery speed, but at the expense of the quality of specifications and requirements.”

    • 42% are unable to keep up with new and changing requirements
    • 42% lack coordination among groups
    • 40% are held back by long documentation and approvals processes
    • 40% struggle to understand unclear requirements
    • 38% face risk and other impediments


This course takes you through steps to avoid the issues and addresses the age-old question, “How do I know I’m not missing any requirements?” There is no one silver bullet, but there are tools that can be adapted for your context. In this session you will learn a framework that guides you through your initiative/project to eliminate the chance of things going missing or not uncovered. Walk away knowing how to ensure that your requirements are validated.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a collaborative framework for ensuring “Good Solutions”
  • Discover the types of validation and verification tools are appropriate for your context/project
  • Be able to ensure that the solution meets the business stakeholder needs and desired outcomes
  • Practice an approach to see how you can get continuous validation of requirements
  • Learn how to identify the impacts to people, processes and other requirements as you work on new requirements or user stories

Intended Audience

This course is designed for business analysts, quality analysts, project managers, or anyone interested in improving and validating the quality of their requirements.


We recommend that the student has already attended our Essential Skills for Business Analysis class or have equivalent experience before enrolling for this course.

Course Details


2 Days

Delivery Mode

Virtual, Face-to-Face


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