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Writing Test Cases for Software Requirements

Course Description

Studies have shown that releasing a defective product into your organization or the external market can be up to 3,000 times more expensive than getting it right the first time! Your business needs to ensure that the product is reliable and provides the expected business value.

This course takes you through the concepts of solution evaluation by targeting the concepts of understanding, discovering, building, and managing test cases. You will learn how to assess the performance of solutions and ensure the expected value is delivered.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the phases of testing
  • Learn standard testing terminology
  • Identify test ideas from requirements
  • Prioritize test ideas using risk analysis
  • Generate test ideas for other solution characteristics
  • Review standard test documents
  • Convert test ideas and equivalence classes into test cases
  • Document test cases and test procedures
  • Understand Software Quality Assurance
  • Define test plans
  • Track and manage defects
  • Track test case status
  • Ensure proper test coverage with traceability matrices

Intended Audience

This course is designed for team members interested in learning to write test cases and to plan for software requirements.


We recommend that the students have attended our Essential Skills for Business Analysis course or have equivalent experience

Course Details


2 Days

Delivery Mode

Virtual, Face-to-Face


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