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What is the impact of assigning a user story to the current sprint before it is refined and “ready”?

  1. Refining the story has no impact on the sprint; it only impacts initial planning (such as Inception, Sprint Zero, or scoping)
  2. The team is not allowed to include and count the story points in the velocity burndown for the sprint
  3. The team won’t agree or have a common understanding, and the story point estimates will be unreliable
  4. If all user stories aren’t in a ready status, then deadlines will be missed

You Answered: B
Correct Answer: C

All stories that are completed in a sprint are counted towards the team’s velocity measurement. However, skipping refinement means that the team may not have a common understanding of what is needed to successfully the story; this understanding helps ensure that we make accurate estimates. Without accurate estimates the team may not estimate its capacity correctly.