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“We failed our most recent FAA reporting audit this month.  We have 60 days to fix the problem and get accurate reports done, or they’re going to ground all the planes in our A300 fleet and fine us.”

Which of the following best expresses the business partner’s need in the context of the Value Validation Cycle?

  1. We need to produce the required report
  2. We need to clean up the data in our data warehouse so the reports we generate are accurate
  3. We need to comply with FAA reporting regulations
  4. We need to continue normal flight operations
  5. We need to pass the audit in 60 days and avoid getting fined

You Answered: E
Correct Answer: D

A need is what we have to do, regardless of how we do it.  In this scenario, our need is to continue our normal operations.  While there are lots of possibilities, a Value Validation Cycle for this scenario might look like this:

Need:  Continue normal flight operations
Problem:  Current reporting procedures are inadequate/non-compliant and will result in planes being grounded
Solution:  A way to provide the required data to the FAA
Outcome:  A successful completion to the next audit
Value:  Continued operations and avoidance of fines