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Advanced Business Analysis Boot Camp

Course Description

The business analyst role is crucial for project and business success. In a study executed by Deloitte in 2013, the biggest gaps in business skills from the business perspective were: “Thinking Like the Business”, “Thinking Strategically”, and “Communicating Effectively”. In the same study, the biggest gap from the IT perspective was “Business Analysis”.

Build on the foundational business analysis skills covered in our Essential Skills for Business Analysis class by taking a specific project scenario from start to finish. This course will help you close these gaps by learning and practicing the critical skills it takes to enable change within your organization and help drive projects to deliver solutions that deliver true value. You will work within groups in intensive workshops to help drive home the learning topics and make the learning stick.

Learning Objectives

  • Reinforce elicitation and facilitation techniques for workshops
  • Scope your effort
  • Understand your stakeholders
  • Analyze the business capabilities and processes
  • Build and validate requirements via user stories
  • Determine your analysis approach and plan
  • Put it all together

Intended Audience

This course is designed for business analysts but is also useful for the development project team members or any other team member responsible for delivering business value on a project.


The students should have attended the Essential Skills for Business Analysis class or have equivalent experience.

Course Details


3 Days

Delivery Mode

Virtual, Face-to-Face


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